Throughout the year a range of different healing workshops are offered. 

These events are run to assist the growth of spiritual knowledge and to teach individuals how to utilize and incorporate spirituality into their daily lives as well as to harness the powers of spirituality to bring holistic & prosperous wellness and wellbeing.


Workshops are run sporadically throughout the year. Often on healing trips inter-state we will also run an array of intensive workshops. Please ensure that you are on our mailing list to be kept informed of upcoming workshops and events. 

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, simply shoot us an email with your details, letting us know you’d like to be kept informed. 

Workshops are often run in small intimate groups of anywhere from 5-20 people. We like to keep it cosy so that there’s a more easy-going, relaxed feel to the event. Some workshops are run with a larger attendance, but we do advise on the workshop intake when we send out the event details. 

You can also request and book an appointment for a personalised one-to-one workshop tutorial either in person or through Skype / FaceTime. This is perfect for those of you who want a direct lesson tailored to your personal journey. It’s also great for those who can’t wait for or are unable to attend a workshop when it’s being run in a group. 

The only pre-requisite to workshops is that all attendees must have had a personal healing at least within the last 6 months prior to the event. 

The reason for this is so that all attendees are spiritually clean. We have found that when attendees are clean, they are they far more receptive to the teachings, able to understand the content with greater clarity and absorb the material with far more depth and ease.

Attendants will be advised if they need to bring any spiritual items, products or gear along with them as some workshops do require specific healing tools.  


In this workshop, you will gain valuable knowledge and practical applications on how to utilize spirituality as well as common natural ingredients to enhance your daily life and the lives of those you love. Hygiene is such an integral part when it comes to high integrity spirituality, but it is often completely disregarded or overlooked. 

Poor spiritual hygiene often results in the following day to day symptoms: 

  • feeling dizzy, ungrounded or spacey 
  • bad dreams or poor quality sleep
  • pervasive confusion and lack of clarity in life
  • feeling emotional all the time for no explainable reason (usually the result of ‘carrying’ other people’s energies and emotions that aren’t yours to carry)

 In this workshop you will learn:

  • how to protect yourself and your energy using common everyday ingredients
  • an introduction into the ancient art of frankincense cleansing
  • how to utilise the spiritual power of different salts and sea salt 
  • how to utilise the spiritual power of a holy candle
  • how to ‘cut-off’ from people’s energies and negative influences 
  • how to make a lemon / olive oil protection tonic
  • how to bring your Spirit back into your body and close your crown chakra correctly
  • a variety of spiritual tips & techniques for common everyday activities 
  • guidance on how to protect and cleanse loved ones & pets

This workshop is immensely beneficial for everyone! But of course it is especially important for anyone who has to deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, is highly sensitive or empathic, practices yoga, reiki and any other energy & spiritual modalities. 

This is an intro workshop focusing on the topic of prosperity in all aspects of life. 

Prosperity is a key area that most people express a desire to have ‘more of’. Whether it’s in the aspect of greater prosperity in finances, career or relationship opportunities, improved health & wellness or more abundance of time, this workshop will equip you with the foundational tools to invite and create a new level of wealth in your personal journey. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • the key tenets of prosperity and how to utilise universal laws to shift your reality
  • the power of thoughts & words in creating abundance in all aspects of life + actual tools you can easily use everyday
  • a simple to practice re-alignment meditation to put you in conscious contact with prosperity whenever you need 
  • breathing techniques to release the illusion of lack and reconnect to Divine Supply
  • Building a solid relationship with the Spirit of Money & how to call upon the Magic Purse of the Spirit
  • Powerful Spirit of Prosperity Meditation to connect you with your heart’s deepest needs & desires 

This is an intro workshop focusing on building a stronger, more conscious relationship with your Guardian Angel. This is a beautiful interactive workshop that will assist you, not only in your day-to-day activities but also in deepening your spiritual practice with yourself and others. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • more about angels & guardian angels specifically
  • how to connect with your guardian angel
  • how to find out your guardian angel’s Name, which is extremely powerful spiritual knowledge to possess
  • step-by-step practice to receive a healing from your guardian angel or ask for healing for others. 
  • how to work with your guardian angel to receive daily guidance for yourself and others
  • how to connect with another person’s guardian angel
  • how to open and close your third eye chakra correctly 

This is a comprehensive and extensive workshop on the ancient art of frankincensing. 

You will be taught how to properly call upon the Spirit of Frankincense to assist you in bringing about profound cleansing, clearing and healing for yourself, your loved ones, home and business. 

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • the complete, step by step process of how to frankincense your home / property
  • the techniques and process of how to frankincense yourselves and those you love
  • the correct spiritual hygiene you need to keep yourself safe when frankincensing
  • the different types of frankincense and what each one is to be used for
  • how to call upon and build a powerful relationship with the Spirit of Frankincense to enhance your daily life

All participants will also receive a proper spiritual anointment at the end of the workshop which will give you the spiritual strength you need to practice this healing modality. 

Feel free to contact if you would like more information, would like to book for a one-on-one workshop or would like to be kept informed of upcoming group events.