Throughout the year a range of different healing meditations are offered. 

These events are run to assist the growth of spiritual knowledge and to teach individuals how to utilize and incorporate spirituality into their daily lives as well as to harness the powers of spirituality to bring holistic & prosperous wellness and wellbeing.

Meditations are run frequently throughout the year in Melbourne & interstate during healing trips. 

Please ensure that you are in our mailing list if you wish to be kept updated and informed of any upcoming meditation events. 

Attendance cost will vary across meditations.

Often meditations are run in group sessions. Normally the size of the group is kept between 10-20 people although this will vary depending on the size of the venue and nature of the event (we do also host mass meditations as well). 

Full details of each meditation will be outlined to those in our mailing list. 

Clients who are extremely keen to have a direct one-on-one guided or personalised meditation session can contact us to make an individual appointment for either in person or through Skype & FaceTime. 


This powerful guided meditation focuses on healing, cleansing and balancing the heart AND higher heart chakras. 

  • A lot of people have extremely blocked heart chakras due to previous traumas of any kind, emotional hurts, pains, challenging life & relationship experiences. 
  • When the heart and especially the higher heart chakras are cleared, it allows you to receive a whole new level of abundance, joy, peace and of course love! 
  • Surrendering toxic, limiting beliefs about yourself, others, life and the world in this meditation will not only give you an immense sense of reconnection & freedom, but will also make space for new blessings and opportunities to find you with ease. 
  • Whether it’s improved finances, better relationships, more fulfilling work, improved health or spiritual growth that you seek, healing the heart and coming back to conscious awareness of your connection to Spirit is the place to start and the focus of this meditation. 

This wonderful guided meditation focuses on a deep energy field cleanse to help you magnetise and attract your deepest desires and personal goals far more rapidly and with greater ease. 

  • We all have a specific vision about how we would love our life to transpire as well as things that we would like to have and experience in our lives, whether it’s finding a more meaningful job & career, a suitable partner, travelling the world, owning our dream house / car or other material possession, and the list goes on and on. 
  • However, there can be a sense that what we want isn’t ‘happening’ for us, and whilst this can be due to a whole variety of reasons, ultimately we don’t have what we desire, not because it isn’t already there and waiting for us, but because we are not energetically aligned and able to receive it! 
  • The focus of this evening will be to raise your personal vibration to a level where your present reality and your fondest dreams are able to be perfectly matched. It will also be a great opportunity to slough away old blockages and patterns. 

This meditation will enable and teach you to spiritually quieten and have clarity of the mind as well as to consciously reconnect to your spiritual essence. 

  • When the mind is at peace with itself, full clarity and focus are facilitated, which allows you to make correct choices and decisions for yourself and those around you. 
  • You will learn a simple meditation technique to master fear and doubt which may have been preventing you from living to your fullest potential.
  • Additionally, you will also learn how to synchronize your mind, body & spirit in order to bring harmony and enhance your natural intution.
  • Restoring the natural state of peace within yourself will support you in all aspects of life, and encourage a more abundant state of personal Presence. 

This beautiful meditation focuses on a full balancing and cleansing of each of the 7 chakras.

  • You will be guided to reconnect with each chakra within the body starting from the root, all the way to the crown.
  • Each chakra will be given it’s own healing and you will also be guided to receive a healing from each chakra within your system.
  • When any of the chakras are blocked, overactive, underactive or out of balance it can cause significant disruptions not only within the physical, mental and emotional bodies, but also in any aspect of life including relationships, finances or career. 
  • Harmonising the full chakra system in this meditation will help to restore overall wellness & wellbeing as well as facilitate positive change in any area of life that has been stuck. 

In this traditional Shamanic meditation you will learn how to spiritually protect & ground yourself.

  • When you are spiritually grounded and connected to Mother Earth, it allows you to live freely and attract positive experiences, people and environments into your life with joyful ease. 
  • This protection meditation enhances and amplifies your innate spiritual magnetism so that you can be in the right place at the right time and draw in greater abundance of every kind. 
  • This meditation is also especially helpful for any individuals who have to deal with a lot of people on a frequent basis (either for personal reasons or for work) as it will give you the tools to prevent absorption of other people’s energies & negativities. 

Feel free to contact if you would like more information, would like to book for a one-on-one meditation or would like to be kept informed of upcoming group events.