Personal Healing

The Personal Healing Treatment is the fundamental core of all our spiritual healing services & the foundation of your spiritual health and holistic wellbeing.

 The personal healing is designed to clear your mental, physical and spiritual bodies from all blockages in order to bring about wellness, wellbeing & facilitate the attainment of your fullest potential & purpose.

It is a standard $150 per session.
  • Addressing a petition request for your life and a burning ritual of the petition at the end of the healing
  • Negative spirit, entity & energy removal
  • Firestick & Horsetail clearing
  • Chakra clearing & magnetic field healing
  • Balancing of masculine & feminine energies
  • 4th Dimensional cleansing
  • Purification of your spiritual essence
  • Soul retrieval & recall of present consciousness
Each healing is completely unique to the individual. During the healing information regarding previous past lives, future events and important messages which are relevant to your life at this present moment may be given. Emotional & spiritual issues which may be manifesting into the physical body will also be addressed.
Depending on the individual client, additional & specific healings may also be conducted within the session. These may include: 
  • couple healing & blessing (for those that come with their partners)
  • spiritual blessings for babies & pregnant women as well as spiritual closing of the womb in order to prevent miscarriages
  • special spiritual protection for practitioners & individuals who deal with many people on a daily basis
  • removal of the spirit of fear, pain, ego etc in order to resolve irrational fears & negative habits which are affecting daily life
  • spiritual closure for the passing of a loved one

The Distant Personal Healing Treatment is the personal healing equivalent for those who do not live in Melbourne of for other reasons are unable to have their healing sessions in person.

The Distant Personal Healing allows you to access the personal healing service anywhere in the world, at all times.

In a distant personal healing, the session is still run one-on-one through a choice of either skype or facetime.

Spiritual readings, mentoring and coaching are also available as a separate consultation session for individuals who feel that they need additional guidance in some area or aspect of their life.

The spiritual reading is ideal for those who need:

  • guidance in any major aspect of life such as career, relationships, health, life purpose etc
  • direction for those who feel ‘lost’ in life or who feel that they are at a crossroad and need to make important decisions
  • spiritual clarification and assistance for a specific issue (i.e. some examples include: how to resolve a dispute with family, how to find more meaning in one’s life, how to go about restoring and balancing the harmony of one’s business)
  • insight into the innate strengths and weaknesses of an individual in order to bring about greater clarity, understanding of the self and life direction.

Please note that the spiritual reading is not a healing. It is a consultation session for those who wish to have or feel they need additional spiritual guidance and clarity. As such, clients must have at some point had a personal healing to remove any blockages and be spiritually cleaned before they may book in for a consultation of this kind. 

Please contact to make an appointment. Due to the demand for our personal healing services, booking ahead is advised.