Mother Earth Shamanic Healing

The Mother Earth Shamanic Healing is a specialized form of Shamanic outdoor healing that utilizes the spiritual powers of specific natural ingredients including corn, spearmint, aloe vera, flowers and honey.

mother earth tree

This healing takes approximately 2-3 hours. 

The healing connects, grounds and synchronizes the mental, physical and emotional bodies of the individual to Mother Earth.

In being spiritually connected to Mother Earth in this extraordinary way the spirit is able to flourish and blossom to its fullest potential, manifesting abundantly into all the major aspects of an individual’s life.

This type of healing is especially useful for targeting the aspect of relationships. This includes individuals looking to have a better relationship & understanding of themselves, couples wanting to strengthen their partnership or singles looking to attract a suitable partner.

Please contact to book and note that before undertaking this special healing you must have had a personal healing session prior.