Couple Healing & Couples Therapy

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we also offer spiritual couples therapy / counselling which compliments a couples healing.


Relationships are an extremely pivotal part of our physical existence and our closest personal & intimate relationships have an immense impact on the quality of our life. At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we are proud to say that we have ‘rescued’, healed and facilitated the harmonious growth of many personal relationships over the years.

If you feel that your personal relationship with your partner could especially benefit from any of the below, then this service is definitely for you:

  • restoration of peace, harmony and balance between both partners on an emotional & mental level
  • releasing old blockages and limited patterns which may be holding the relationship back from its fullest, most positive potential
  • understanding and gaining insight into any possible karmic connections between partners and understanding how to navigate karmic influences in healthy, healing ways
  • transcending misunderstandings and learning to reach a harmonious meeting of the minds
  • strengthening and deepening the partnership’s bond 
  • protection from negative external influences which may be putting undue pressure on the relationship 

The process will vary from client to client, depending on each individual’s personal needs and relationship situation. 

To begin with, both partners must attend an individual personal healing session so that they are a spiritual clean canvas. Normally, if both partners come for an individual healing session one after the other, Mona will also do a couples blessing for them afterwards as an addition.

After this initial step of the journey, partners can look at booking a consultation session  that both individuals attend. During this consultation session Mona will utilise spiritual insight & guidance to work with both parties in constructively addressing specific situations and issues in the relationship. She may also conduct an extensive couple healing if necessary. 

Periodic follow up sessions can be organised to suit the couple’s needs & for ongoing relationship support. 

This healing service is also offered through Skype & FaceTime for those that do not live in Melbourne or who are unable to attend in person for a variety of reasons. 

Please contact to make an appointment and to discuss how we can tailor this service to best suit your needs & current situation