Candle Healings

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we also offer various forms of shamanic distant and remote healings.

The Candle Healing is a distant healing used to target any area of an individual’s life which needs extra attention, spiritual blessings and guidance.

The candle healing operates through the power of coloured candles which act as a healing mechanism. All the candles used in this healing have not only been created with the highest of spiritual integrity and cleanliness, but have also been especially blessed and prepared beforehand. A healing petition from the client will also accompany the candles as they burn. 

This distant healing is ideal for individuals who would like to give healings for children & pets as well as family members or friends who may not be ready to receive a personal healing.

Some of the popular aspects our clients choose to focus on in a candle healing include:

  • Physical, mental & emotional health issues
  • Wellbeing, happiness, prosperity etc
  • Issues pertaining to family, business or personal relationships
  • Success & spiritual assistance with work, investments, finances
  • Spiritual alleviation for life obstacles, challenges & legal conflicts
  • Success for studies, exams, and any situations pertaining to school
  • Divine guidance for making important decisions
  • This healing can also be used to alleviate and remove various forms of bad luck & other spiritual negativities

This distant healing is also fantastic for business owners who would like extra blessings for expansion of their business, signing contracts, employing new staff, overcoming difficulties and general business maintenance.

The length of the candle healing will vary depending on the type of candle healing with some types of candle healing lasting up to 30 days.

However, a standard candle healing usually takes anywhere from 7-14 days.

Clients are informed and contacted (usually through email) once the healing has been completed. 

please feel free to contact for further information or to book a candle healing.