Bowl of Life Healings

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we also various forms of shamanic distant and remote healings

The Bowl of Life Healing is a distant healing used to target any area of an individual’s life which needs extra attention, spiritual blessings and guidance.

The bowl of life healing utilizes and draws upon the spiritual powers of natural elements and ingredients such as water, egg,  rice, lemon, corn, mint and sugar, to name just a few.

This distant healing is ideal for individuals who would like to give healings for children & pets as well as family members or friends who may not be ready or unable to attend a personal healing. However, this specific healing can really be employed by anyone.

Some of the popular aspects our clients choose to focus on in a distant healing include:

  • Physical, mental & emotional health issues
  • Wellbeing, happiness, prosperity etc
  • Issues pertaining to family, business or personal relationships
  • Success & spiritual assistance with work, study, finances
  • Spiritual alleviation for life obstacles, challenges & legal conflicts
  • Divine guidance for making important decisions
  • This healing can also be used to alleviate and remove various forms of bad luck & other spiritual negativities


The bowl of life healing is also fantastic for business owners who would like:

  • extra blessings for expansion of their business
  • blessings for setting up new businesses
  • blessings & “spiritual clearance” for undertaking new projects, new endeavours, signing contracts & employing staff
  • spiritual assistance in overcoming numerous difficulties or conflicts in the workplace
  • general business maintenance & protection


The bowl of life healing takes approximately 3-7 days to complete.

Once the distant healing is completed, the client will be informed (usually via email). Clients are often sent photographs of the healing before and after it is completed so that they can visually see the healing’s progression. A list of the ingredients utilised in the healing will also be outlined. Any important messages or information that the client needs to know will also be passed on. This is not a comprehensive report but just a basic briefing of the healing overall.

Please feel free to contact for further information or to book a bowl of life healing.