Healing Products

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we sell a range of different healing products that help maintain the spiritual health of your home & your body. We dedicate many hours of toil & love in sourcing these products from around the world and in ensuring that they are of the highest grade and quality.

Please contact for further information.

 We also email our clients with regular product updates and periodical product catalogues, so please ensure that you’re included in our database if you wish to remain informed.



  • Blessed White & Coloured Candles
  • Top Grade Frankicense
  • Copal Frankicense
  • Rose Frankincense
  • Jasmine Frankincense
  • Night Flower Frankincense
  • Charcoal for frankincensing
  • Frankincense burners, fans & tongs
  • Blessed Oil
  • Blessed Salt
  • Energizing Rosewater Spray
  • Healing headbands, belts, wrist & ankle bands
  • Assorted healing books
  • Assorted blessed jewellery & gifts