FAQ & Further Info

Our healing services can be employed by anyone of any age, occupation or religion.

Our healing work is based on the Shamanic teachings of Victor Barron and is rooted in spirituality as opposed to religion. Whilst we do use the word ‘God’ in our healing work, we do not use it to connote an affiliation with any specific religion.

We welcome all individuals of all religious and spiritual orientations. Over the past decade our healing services have been employed by and conducted on individuals from a rich diversity of religious backgrounds and even on those who are skeptical of spiritual and religious practices.

We never impose our own personal faith or ideals onto others and have nothing but the utmost respect for each individual’s personal belief system. What an individual does or doesn’t believe will not prevent that individual from receiving the full benefits of our healing work and will not affect the outcome of our healings.

When you receive our healing services you receive it unconditionally, regardless of your spiritual and religious beliefs.

Absolutely not.

Whilst our healing services are a great complement and will not interfere on a physical level with any treatments you may be receiving, they are certainly in no way a replacement for mainstream medical treatments, assistance or diagnosis.

Although we may provide you our spiritual insight pertaining to medical matters we always tell our clients to consult their doctor or qualified practitioner before making any changes or decisions. We take your medical and physical safety very seriously and recommend that the choices you make regarding your physical and mental health be informed by individuals with certified medical knowledge and training.

We also do not claim to provide any “miracle cures”. Therefore any physical or mental illnesses need to be combatted by the appropriate treatments and medications prescribed by your doctor. In the special circumstance where an individual appears to be cured from physical or mental ailments, we still strongly advise that you consult your practitioner to give you medical clearance and to ensure that the ailment is in fact cured.

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we are genuinely committed to your overall wellbeing and spiritual growth which is why we have a passion for fostering independence and personal freedom.

In line with nourishing your independence and freedom, we do not encourage individuals to see us on a weekly or frequent basis unlike many alternative healing practitioners and providers. We also place an emphasis on spiritual training to assist individuals in being able to take care of themselves, their families and, if they feel called to do so, to also help others.

The effects of our personal healing also continue to take place 30 days after your session, so having a personal healing too frequently does not give your mental, physical and spiritual bodies time to fully absorb and reap the full benefits.

In general, a healing once to three times a year is usually sufficient depending on what is happening in your life and what your needs are during each year.

However, some clients may also choose to undergo a tailored program in order to address some specific issue or area of their life, in which case the client may return for regular healing sessions as organised according to their needs.

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we do endorse a wide array of alternative treatments and healing modalities. We strongly believe that each individual’s journey is entirely unique meaning each client needs to find the healing path and practitioner that most resonates with them and their personal truth.

You can find here a contact list of all therapists that we fully endorse and recommend. 

Milva Pervan (Cottesloe, Perth WA)  Naturopath B.Hsc – Nutrition, Herbs & Bodywork Mobile: 0402 144 668