About Us

We are based in Melbourne, Australia and are centrally located being approximately 10 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

However, we do also travel for healing trips & projects frequently interstate (especially to both Perth & Sydney) as well as internationally. 

We have been conducting our healing work for more than a decade in Australia as well as on an international scale in other cities around the world.

Mona, who is the founder of Angelic Holistic Natural Services, conducts the majority of healings.

All healing work and services are based on the Shamanic teachings of Victor Barron (www.victorbarron.com), whom Mona has been privileged & blessed to be a student of for more than 15 years.

She has been blessed to receive the status of and be anointed as a Teacher of Victor Barron’s shamanic and spiritual teachings. This is a profound responsibility which has been bestowed upon only a select few around the world.

We make no claims to be and do not align ourselves as being a medium, clairvoyant, psychic or the like. Rather we refer to ourselves as being healing instruments of God and spiritual cleaners.

In this present world consciousness far too many individuals readily claim to possess a wide array of spiritual talents, to be psychic, clairvoyant or to have a multitude of spiritual guides at their assistance.

However the truth is that, whilst all human beings possess the gift of natural intuition and have the potential to develop spiritual gifts and strength, very few people in this world are genuine natural born mediums, clairvoyants and psychics.

Nowadays these terms and spiritual titles are used far too freely and far too candidly. Being a genuine medium, clairvoyant or psychic is a major and serious responsibility with life altering implications and is a title which should not be taken lightly. Any individual that truly understands the magnitude and implications of possessing such powerful spiritual gifts would not be so quick to claim or to want such titles.

We refer to ourselves as being healing instruments of God as that is what we are; mechanisms through which God and other divine beings in God’s consciousness can use to bring about the healing and cleansing that needs to take place. We take no credit for any of the blessings or positive outcomes that result from our healing work as it is not from us but the grace of God that such results are possible. We often like to think of ourselves simply as spiritual cleaners. In the same way a cleaner would tidy and clean a house, we service your spiritual, mental and physical bodies by spiritually putting things back in order and removing anything that is negative, not good for you and hindering your wellbeing.

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we place integrity and humility as a central value to all our healing work. As we are not about the self-gratification of the ego we do not seek to impress our clients with false spiritual titles or to claim to be things we are not. Rather we prefer to maintain our humility by allowing the profound results of our healing work to speak for itself.

We would like to give thanks and acknowledgement to our spiritual teacher Victor Barron for all of his teachings, blessings, unconditional love, guidance and wisdom without which we would not be able to continue our spiritual and healing services. We would also like to give special thanks both to Victor & his wife Blanca for their beautiful friendship, love and support throughout all these years.