House and Business Spiritual Clearing

At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we also provide spiritual clearings for your house, business & property.


  • Special blessings and frankincensing rituals to purify and cleanse the essence & ‘cellular memory’ of the land.
  • Removal of any negative spirits, energies, spells, witchcraft or bad luck from the property including removal of previous owners’ energies.
  • Protection for the property & its resident from negative external influences.
  • Balancing of the property’s magnetic grid and realignment of its spiritual front door in order to bring about the desired effects (i.e. harmony & clarity within the home, productivity & prosperity in the office).
  • Closing any open vortexes or spiritual portals which are causing imbalances in the property and negatively affecting the daily lives of its residents.

A spiritual clearing is especially beneficial for an individual’s personal home or investment property.

The primary focus involves:

  • Removing any disturbances or disharmonies that have been experienced on the property.
  • Removing any negative influences that may be causing physical, mental or emotional disorders.
  • Welcoming positive energies &  generating the flow of financial prosperity and overall abundance.
  • Spiritually nourishing the property to bring about family unity, harmony and effective communication.
  • Removing any blockages that may be preventing the property from being successfully sold on the market.

We consult thoroughly with each client to tailor the clearing to their specific needs & requests.

A spiritual clearing is extremely popular amongst business owners & professionals.

The primary focus involves:

  • Spiritually assisting the business in growth and expansion.
  • Cleansing the business to attract suitable and quality employees.
  • Protecting the business from negative and harmful influences that may hinder daily business operations.
  • Spiritually stabilizing the business in order to maintain its viability and ensure its long term survival.
  • Spiritually cultivating the business environment to attract new clients & customers.
  • Ensuring the smooth operations of daily tasks and business activities


At Angelic Holistic Natural Services we proudly maintain and spiritually care for a wide range of businesses from accounting, medical and legal practices to retail shops, real estate offices, salons, retreats and restaurants to name just a few.

Please contact for further information or to book a property clearing.

Please also see our candle healings and bowl of life healings as they can also be used and are fantastic for the home and business.